Coronado 122

Coronado 122

Freightliner Coronado 122

Truck Highlights

  • Choice of two engines: Detroit Diesel or Cummins
  • Two models – the 122 or the 122SD
  • The 122 available as a Prime Mover
  • The 122 SD available as a Prime Mover or Truck and Trailer Package
  • From 485 to 600 HP
  • Eaton manual or automated transmission with Freightliner’s SmartShift™ paddle
  • Super strong chassis built on straight, heavy-duty frame rails
  • Set back front axle
  • Choice of 5 cab options

clipboard-icon-redHP 475-560

gcm-icon-redGCM 80,000-106,000kg

hp-icon-redIdeal for long haul, tankers, b-double,roadtrain


The Coronado 122 is tough, reliable, and cuts an imposing figure on the road. Every aspect of the Freightliner Coronado 122 has been designed to make it the perfect truck for on-highway applications. And it’s been built strong enough to go off-road. The massive 1,900 square inch engine-mounted radiator is large enough to handle the hottest Australian conditions with reserve capacity.
Enjoy great fuel economy with the combination of the efficient driveline and the low tare weight, which starts from just 8036kg. The bonnet guards, headlights, mirrors, air intakes, angled front bumper and a curved windscreen sloped at 24° are all designed to greatly reduce wind resistance.

The Coronado 122 also offers a unique model variation, the Coronado 122 SD, the truck for built for “Severe Duty”. With options for larger chassis rails, axles and suspension, the GCM can increase up to 145,000kg – making the SD ready to haul heavy loads on rough surfaces all day, every day.
The Coronado 122 SD is available as a rigid or prime mover. As a rigid it is perfect for vocational roles, negotiating the roughest construction sites with a fully loaded tipper and dog. As a prime mover, the Coronado SD has a high GCM, making it ideal for road train or low loader work.
The Coronado 122 is ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • Single Trailer
  • B.Double
  • B.Triple
  • Roadtrain
  • Long Haul
  • Heavy Haul

Freightliner Coronado

Highlights include:

  • Spacious, driver-friendly cabin with EzyRider® II air cushioned seats
  • Ergonomically designed dash
  • The front cab mounts use a ‘pillow block’ design to isolate vibration and shock from the road
  • The rear mounts feature air springs mounted outside the frame rails, giving you a smooth, stable ride
  • Burl wood grain with bright finish instrument bezels, ivory gauges
  • Electric windows and door locks
  • Adjustable steering column with telescopic and tilt capacity
  • High-performance air-conditioning unit
  • Sleeper cabs with large bunk and sleeping area with privacy curtains

Cab options:

  • Day cab
  • 34″ mid-roof sleeper
  • 48” mid-roof sleeper
  • 58″XT roof sleeper
  • 58” raised roof sleeper

Enjoy the following safety features Freightliner Coronado 122:

  • Lightweight aluminium cab exceeds the stringent European crash-worthiness standard (ECE-R29)
  • ICU4M Driver Message Centre (DMC) with 2×20 display
  • Ergonomic dash – low-line instrument panel for improved visibility
  • Uncompromised view with curved 24 degree aerodynamic windscreen
  • Cruise Control
  • Traction control with or without Roll Stability Control (RSC)
  • Wabco ABS anti-lock brake
  • 87 db to 112 db self adjusting reverse alarm
  • Front Under-run Protection Device, ADR84/00 Compliant

Freightliner Coronado dash

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