CST 112

CST 112



  • Detroit Diesel DD13 engine, 450 HP
  • Jacobs Engine Brake integrated into DD13
  • Available as 4×2 or 6×4 set back front axle
  • Prime Mover or Truck and Trailer Package
  • Allison 4500 RDS
  • 3 cabin choices
  • Driver’s Message Centre to deliver timely, easy-to-understand information
  • A sharp wheel cut which provides optimal open highway usage and allows for tight maneuvering and backing
  • Ergonomic wrap-around dash with controls at your fingertips
  • EzyRider® II suspension seat featuring lateral and lumbar support
  • 16º sloped bonnet, and concealed air intakes and exhausts for advanced aerodynamics

clipboard-icon-red450 hp
gcm-icon-redGCM 46,000 kg up to 57,500 kg
hp-icon-redIdeal for single trailer, intrastate, short haul, tipper

The Freightliner CST112, the “Century Class”, has been built from the wheels up to help you prosper in our demanding and competitive environment. The truck features the incredibly fuel efficient Detroit Diesel DD13 engine, outstanding aerodynamics to cut wind-resistance, and an extremely low tare to allow for larger payloads – all reducing your costs and leaving more money to you.
The CST is ideally suited for single trailer distribution, intrastate and short haul, and tipper applications and is available in 4×2 or 6×4 set back front axle configurations.

The Freightliner CST112 has managed to achieve an extremely low tare with its strong but light-weight aluminium cabins. Although tare has been reduced, style, comfort and safety have not. The CST112 offers 3 cabs; a day cab and 2 sleeper cab options – a truck designed with the driver in mind and can be optimised for your needs.
Features include:

  • Spacious interior and a flat floor provide enough headroom to stand and plenty of storage
  • Easy entry with 3 evenly spaced steps up to cabins and wide doors with night lighting
  • Ergonomic dash with all controls in easy reach
  • Driver Message Centre provides easy to understand information
  • SmartShift™ gear paddle allows easy gear changes at your fingertips
  • Highly effective insulating material in the floor and walls to keep outside noise to a minimum
  • Overhead lockable cabinets and large door pockets
  • Heater, ventilation and air conditioning system with a standard pollen filter
  • EzyRider® II air suspended seats and steering wheel are completely adjustable to ensure driver comfort at all times
  • Sleeper cabs feature under-bunk storage (accessible internally and externally) and separate control panel
  • Sleeper cabs have space for adding a TV, fridge or stereo

Cab options

  • Day cab
  • 34″mid-roof sleeper cab
  • 48″ mid-roof sleeper cab

Safety is at the heart of every Freightliner Truck. Drivers can rest easy that the Freightliner CST112 safety features have driver safety at the forefront and are rigorously tested. Features include:

  • 16º sloped bonnet and large mirrors provide excellent visibility
  • Lightweight aluminum construction cab with Henrob self piercing rivets
  • Two piece curved sloped windscreen at an optimal angle of 24º
  • Cruise control
  • A Front Under-run Protection Device comes as standard
  • Traction Control with or without Roll Stability Control (optional)
  • Wabco ABS anti lock brake
  • Driver’s side SBS air bag
  • Dual air horns


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