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The New Mercedes Benz Actros – living up to the hype

Whitehorse Trucks was excited to deliver a new Mercedes Benz Actros to VFS, one of the first to hit the road following the exciting launch of the redesigned model back in November 2016. Mitchell Hynd, one of our top salesmen, suggested VFS participate in the local evaluation program Mercedes-Benz was conducting for the new model.

VFS were seriously impressed by the fuel economy figures it turned out when they put the Actros to work on a run that included Albury, Melbourne and Wagga.

“We couldn’t comprehend it, so we ran it again and again, then put another driver in it and it was the same, that was the number”, Mr Collins (VFS Director of Operations) said.

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros was achieving close to 0.5km per litre better fuel economy than the American truck it replaced. To VFS that’s a massive saving of $20,000 a year in fuel alone.

Read more about the VFS review of the new Actros.


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